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Journey So Far

Journey So Far

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·Jan 13, 2023·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Beginning
  • Right Now
  • Conclusion


Hello! Welcome back, How are you really doing? -leave a comment.

Today I'll be writing about my time with Public Lab.

It has been...splendid, I believe that's the word that defines it best.


I'll keep this brief, when I selected Public Lab during the contribution phase, after going through the tasks allocated for the future intern, I thought, how could one person possibly get all these done, it looked like a lot -it actually was a lot. That being said, I did give it a shot and made as many contributions as I could while trying to help others navigate the waters I was also new to.

Right Now

As of now, I'd say we are well over halfway to a goal we set, we've had to reshape our ideas, a couple of workarounds all creating new tasks, and taking off a couple. It has been so nice contributing to Public Lab, recently after a task was done and I went to check the said task off our planning issues, I couldn't help but smile at the number of blue ticks we had accumulated compared to when I had just started. We've made progress, and I've learned a lot.


To conclude, I'd first like to appreciate Outreachy for this opportunity. I'd also love to appreciate Public Lab and my mentors, honestly, they're the best, they have taught me quite a lot in this short time together. I'd also like to appreciate my fellow intern, it has been a blissful time working with him.

Lastly, I'd like to appreciate you for reading this, do leave a comment, seriously, leave a comment.

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